Simply BlackjackIf the player wants to do the HIT then the dealer will extract a new card. If this new card, the player arrives at a total value that exceeds the 21, will be in the house BUST doing so win all the chips. However, if the total value of the player’s cards is under 21 then it will remain in play. At this point, the dealer will ask him again what he wants to do, if you receive another new card, or if on the contrary prefer to stay with the cards already received. This ritual will be repeated until the player has reached the desired numeric value or until both BUST and is thus disqualified.

Once all players have reached the desired total, the dealer will discover at this point his second card. If the total value is less than 17, will have to pull out a further paper, this up to when it will arrive at a value equal to 17 or BUST. Once the dealer has received accepts all of his cards, the value of the cards of different players is compared with that of the bench so that we can announce the winner. If the dealer guesses the 21 then all players lose unless a player has 21.

Splitting of cards (Split)

A small note on the split. If you have for instance extracted a pair of 8 then you can split the cards and play two separate hands. 16 is a terrible hand in blackjack because it is impossible to win and the chance to bust (bust) are higher if you need to make a hit opening another card. Then divide the cards can help you take two hands with a paper 8 on each hand. This allows each hand to get another card and increase your chances of success.


In conclusion, the Blackjack is a very simple game to learn. You have to get as close as possible to 21 than the dealer. This is the basic premise. If you are on 16 or below, it is best to then STAND. Nor do HIT to raise an additional card. May initially seem intimidating at the table, once you learn how it works Blackjack card game can be more profitable to the casino.

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